Reading To Riches


  • 74,000 students are in Palm Beach County public schools PK-12th grade
  • Only 65% of these students will graduate from high school
  • Only 33% of the minority students will graduate
  • Florida is 50th in the nation for students not completing high school
  • Palm Beach County is 1st in the nation with youth going from high school to jail
  • Many students do not possess the “Life Skills” needed to succeed in the market place.
  • “When more than one million students a year drop out of high school, it’s more than a problem, it’s a catastrophe. Our economic and national security are at risk when we fail to educate the leaders and the workforce of the future. It’s time for a national ‘call to arms’ because we cannot afford to let nearly one third of our kids fail” – General Colin Powell

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