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For more information contact  Harry Drier
email:   or phone 561-601-8211

Club 100 identified that several resources and services would round out the Cabana Colony Youth Center programs.  The club has taken the responsibility for the educational elements of the centers program.  The following are services currently available for youth in the community:


As youth come directly from school to the center during the week they check electronically into the center.   They are then required to spend at least 15 minutes on either their required school home work or to select a book out of the center library for reading and book reports.   During this period from 3 until 5 pm volunteers are available to help the individual students if they need assistance.  Once youth demonstrate that they have fit the educational requirements they then can go into the centers recreation and video areas.


The Police Athletic League, PAL, requires of youth who register at the center that they stay in school, keep their grades ups, and stay out of trouble.  In an effort to help the youth achieve their academic goals the Club provides free tutoring for a 30 week period, for any child that has an interest or need.  This 30 week, Monday thru Friday one hour service is available for those who register.    Tutoring is available during the school year, usually from 3 to 6 pm.

The Club and PAL are working under an agreement for free tutoring services, with the FLEC, Corp who are one of a few approved tutoring programs in Florida.   Monies for this program comes from a federal law called No Child Left Behind Act.  

The tutoring program is quite formal.   Parents request that their child get tutoring and fill out the required the needed paperwork.   Once registered a tutor studies the youth to determine their needs and also what kind of a group they should place in a schedule is made.  Each student is then tutored one hour five days a week.  All tutoring is done at the community center.

The second kind of tutoring available, also free, is provided by the club and their partners.  For those not eligible for Title 1 tutoring, the process is the same.  Parents agree to the tutoring, assessments are made, and the students are put in a group of like needs for daily tutoring.

This FLEC program has impressive evidence from their work over the past 5 years.   If you place your students in the program the chances are much improved to assure that they will pass the F Cat tests without difficulty.   The program focuses mainly on reading and math but will also help with other subjects as well.    The program has a curriculum, trained tutors and much experience.  If you’re interested for your child contact Harry Drier, , 561-601-8211, or come to the center and ask for Chad or Deputy John.


The Club currently provides a mentoring service on a limited basis and volunteer’s basis.  Mentoring is only provided when parents request it and youth agree. The club provides volunteers, from a wide range of backgrounds and interests, waiting for youth and parents to ask for it.

We are now working with a company, Take Stock in Children, who specializes in youth mentoring.   We are hoping to announce a much more comprehensive program shortly such as the following:

1.   Students identified for Mentoring in grades 7 or 9th.

2.  Mentoring is promised for the youth until they graduate.

3.  Monies are set aside for each qualifying student, in a bank with the students name on it, good for a 2-4 year scholarship, to be used in Florida colleges.

4.  Student is given scholarship if they take advantage of the mentoring until they graduate.

For more information contact Harry Drier,, or at 561 601 8211.


The club provides several thousand fiction and non- fiction books, text books at all grades, teacher manuals for all subjects, for use in our tutoring, mentoring and homework assistance program.   All books and audio visual aids are made available from the Palm Beach County School District, Instructional Materials Laboratory.    Our volunteers, center youth and their parents, tutors, mentors and others can check them out at no cost.    There are leisure books also that students can use for casual readying.   Books can be taken home if desired and checked back in when finished.


The center has 8 computer work stations in a quiet and private computer room with up to date equipment and is connected to the internet.    In this way students can check with their schools to obtain information about their current assignments and other school information, such as test dates, events, etc.    Tutors and Mentors can also use this service for tutoring or homework assistance.   Proper limits are put on the system to protect the student from unacceptable files.


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