Youth Fitness & Boxing


Our staff of coaches are certified through the USA Boxing Association. They strongly believe that excellent conditioning is absolutely necessary in order to get the right mindset in our youth. No one is allowed to walk into the gym and begin boxing. The coaches have designed a 3 level training system. They must pass each level before they are allowed to progress.

  • Level 1: This is primarily for new boxers. It is also for those individuals only interested in physical fitness and not the sweet science of competition boxing. Level 1 emphasis is a very rigorous exercise regimen which enhances the boxers stamina, endurance, and strength. The rudiments of boxing are also taught at this level.
  • Level 2: This is the level where in-depth boxing instructions take place. The exercise regiment and boxer’s workout is very intense at this level and it incorporates all the exercises, training, and instruction from Level 1 plus all the additional exercises and training inherent in Level 2 culminating into full contact sparing.
  • Level 3: This level is for competitive boxers only. In order to be a level 3 boxer—the boxer must be registered as an amateur with the USA Boxing Association, have a passbook and compete in sanctioned tournaments.


BOXING BRINGS HOPE (PBG Lifestyle Magazine, July 2010) In early April, forty-four competitors gathered in West Jupiter Recreation Center for the 4th annual Junior Olympic Boxing Tournament, Hosted by Club 100 Boxing. Serving ages 8 to 17, this program has given local students a place to shine. “Boxing gives the kids adult role models and keeps them off the streets. They work out five days a week, and we keep track of their grades at school as well as offering tutoring,” said Leigh Coburn, founder of Club 100 Charities.

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